14 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 1

Starting a yoga practice can be daunting – or even maintaining a yoga practice and getting on the mat everyday.  This 14 day yoga challenge was created to help you turn up daily, working different areas of the body and enjoying that daily practice.  Day one is a gentle introduction focussing on neck and shoulders.

Advanced yoga poses: Core and Arm balances – Free Discovery class

Join me to practice advanced yoga poses – arm balances.
All levels are welcome, if you´re advanced – your results will be fast, but if you´ve never done any yoga or fitness before – you´ll build your necessary core strength gradually by practicing arm balances with me.

Roll out your mat, grab couple of yoga blocks and a thick pillow to plant your face into something nice and soft and let´s start from mastering Crow (Bakasana) and Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana) poses.

Watch and do it straight away!
Then leave me a review and join my group classes to continue learning really cool stuff which will help you to get stronger, balanced and flexible!
The classes are ONLINE and In-Person classes are also on the table in Kirkkonummi-Espoo area.

We start regularly as soon as there are enough participants, so tell your friends and all the strangers around, let me know if you´re in and we start asap!

Foam Roll l Self-Myofascial Release

You will need a foam roller for this practice. All levels self-myofascial release technique. Breathe deeply and go at your own pace.


Los abrazos tantricos nutren el cuerpo y el alma. Ser abrazados , tocados sentir que nuestra piel es acariciada, cuidada, recordada, es una de nuestras grandes necesidades humanas. De hecho, es una necesidad pendiente desde la infancia, durante la cual la mayoría de nosotros no recibimos suficientes abrazos besos y caricias. Teresa Egaña & Juan C Priyananda Sandin

TERESA es una fascinante COACH de FEMPRENDEDORAS para una vida PRODUCTIVA y FEMENINA | te acompaña en el ARRANQUE (StartUp e Incubación) de tu emprendimiento, y maximiza tu talento y MARCA PERSONAL desde tu alma | el estilo de sus entrenamientos y COACHING es cautivante, revelador, sagaz, divertido y práctico, mezclados con su SENSUALIDAD, humor y espiritualidad cotidiana…

Yoga For Hamstrings + Triangle l Dynamic Flow l All Levels Vinyasa Class With @AhliaYoga 1-Hour

Yoga For Hamstrings + Triangle l Dynamic Flow l All Levels Vinyasa Class With @AhliaYoga 1-Hour

Yoga For Twists l Balance l Stretch Hamstrings / Chest All Levels Vinyasa Flow with @AhliaYoga 1-Hr

Work with me one-on-one for live / private yoga or deep stretching and meditation practices.  Or, tune in live everyvery Wednesday at 4:30pm PST Ahlia leads a live streaming vinyasa practice called Sunshine Yoga Donation Class. This class is 60 minutes, all levels, vinyasa flow with options.  To join live, visit Ahlia Yoga's Facebook Group: Sunshine Yoga with Ahlia
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Recorded Live March 30, 2022