25 Hours Online Pranayama TTC

15 Jan - 19 Mar
7:30 AM - 10:00 AM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

25 hours Pranayama Teacher Training (in person and online) – at Soma Yoga Freiburg, with Shir Shemesh  15th Jan- 19th March 2022

Dates and time:

Every Saturday at 9.30am – 12pm. 15th January is the opening session and 19th March is the closing session.

In the following dates; 29.1, 12.2, 5.3 and 19.3 the sessions will be from 6.30pm till 9pm.

The Program:

Reactivate your vital energy forces of your body through the breath, and learn how to become the master of your thoughts, feelings and destiny. The breath is the most vital process of the body, through which we exchange Prana constantly with the universe. Prana is the force, which animates all living beings as well as the force that creates and binds matter, as we know it.

Pranayama practices are mostly done with our breath, which allows us to control, extend, awaken and preserve our Prana.  As the breath is intimately linked to our thoughts, feelings, and every little cell of the body, Pranayamas are used to prepare our mind for the subtle process of meditation and concentration and to heal our whole being down to the cellular level. These exercises initiate profound transformation of our whole being.

In this journey we will gradually develop breath awareness, the ability to extend and expand our breathing process, and dive deep into the traditional Pranayamas that were perceived by the ancient sages as secret tools to elevate our consciousness. The practices will be learned in a step-by-step approach and therefore this course doesn’t require any pre knowledge or experience.

This Pranayama Teacher Training can fit for Yoga teachers, and breath workers who wishes to deepen their knowledge, practice and teaching techniques, or to any one without any experience who would like to dive in, to one of the more subtle aspects of yoga practice. This course’s hours are countable as Continuing Education hours in Yoga Alliance for active and registered Yoga teachers.

In addition you will get a certificate upon the completion of the training.


  • Beginners Pranayama: Watching your natural breathe, abdominal breathing, three part breathing, full yogic breathing, calming breathing, positive breathing, sound breathing, preparatory breathing, spiritual breathing, charging breathing and more.
  • Intermediate and advanced Pranayama: Sheetali (cooling breathing), Sheetkari, Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostrils breathing), Ujjai, Chandra Bheda, Surya Bheda, Bhramari (the humming bee), purifier Pranayama, Bhastrika (fire breath), Suraya Chandra Kumbhaka Pranayama, Kumbhaka – internal and external, and Samavrriti Pranayama (equal modifications breathing), Viloma Pranayama (interrupted breathing).
  • Bandhas and Mudras: Mulabandha (the root lock), Jalandharabandha, Uddhiyaanbandha, Mahabandha, Ashwini Mudra, Vajroli Mudra, Maha Mudra, Shambhavi Mudra, Yoni mudra, Khechari Mudra, Jnana Mudra, Kaki Mudra, Prana/Apana/Samana/Vyana/Uddana Mudra and more.
  • Shat Karmas (cleansing practices): Kapalabhati, Agni Sara, Nauli, Muladhauti, Jala Neti, Neti Sutra and Vamadhauti.
  • Inner Pranayama (Antara Pranayama): Wakening up Shushumna Nadi, wakening Pingala, mental Nadi Shodhana, Soham meditation, meeting Prana and Apana in Samana.
  • Proper diet and lifestyle: Type of foods that support Pranayama practice and spiritual life and types of foods,  which support less our practice.
  • Practicum: We will cover different aspects of how to teach Pranayama, and will give the participants chance to practice their teaching skills and get constructive feedback on it.

About the teacher:

For Shir, practicing yoga is like going into nature and breathing clean air after staying in the city for too long: “Yoga teaches that there is a lot of peace and joy inside each one of us that doesn’t depend on anything external. Yoga is a spiritual path for my life.”

In his quest of searching more subtle experience of yoga and understanding how to strive towards yoga, Shir looked for a living master. At that time he found his Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. By meeting him Shir felt that many question marks about how to live yoga fully were answered. That meeting helped Shir to have a rapid progress in his own Sadhana (practice of yoga towards self-realization). Shir completed the advance teacher training with Dharma Mittra, with eternal feeling of gratefulness.

  • Teaching in various 200 hours and 300 hours Yoga teachers training courses: Anatomy, Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama, Mantras and Chanting, Sound Healing, Teaching Methodology, and Kundalini Tantra.
  • Established Satlaya Yoga School (RYS 300/200) with his partner Mariella Matic.
  • Certified as Sivananda Yoga teacher 200 hours.
  • Certified as Dharma Yoga teacher 500 hours, and 800 hours.
  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance registered teacher.
  • Over 4000 hours and 12 years of teaching experience.
  • Master Degree in medieval music.
  • Ayurveda course with Dr. Ahrun Sharma in Dharmasala.
  • Thai Yoga Massage course with the Sunshine Network.

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Book recommendation for the course:

Prana and Pranayama by the Bihar school of yoga (Swami Niranjananda Saraswati)


Soma Yoga, Hebelstraße 23, 79104 Freiburg im Breisgau.

Or Online Zoom link.

Registration and prices (in person training):

375 euro – Soma Yoga graduated teachers

395 euro – early birds before 15 December

450 euro – regular registration

275 euro – Online Course

Inquiries and registration: shirsh644@gmail.com


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