Alchemy of Sound

23 Dec - 23 Dec
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

Class title: Alchemy of Sound

Instructor name: Nick Gent

Instagram: @the_mind_orchestra

Class type: Wellness

About the class:

You will learn and practice simple and effective ways in which sacred sound can be used for healing, balance and harmonious transformation. 

We will explore and discover the empowering of the walking orchestra that is each of us. 

We work with body, speech and mind through the direct and practical application of mantras and incantations, mudras and other energetic postures and movements. 

Songs, music and to benefit all aspects of our being and that of others.

The emphasis is on practice and direct experience of healing sound and learning how to incorporate it into your daily life and routine.

Special instructions:

Comfortable clothes and some water- quiet safe space can be undisturbed if possible. Comfort.

Supported charity:

All the money collected from this class will be given to the charity of the instructor’s choice after the event.


List of all the instructors participating in Christmass Wellness:


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