Authentic You Vision Board

22 Jul - 22 Jul
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

Authentic You –Vision Board

As much as I promote journaling for general wellbeing and mental health. There are many ways to be creative when expressing and honouring your emotions and the Authentic You.

Vision Boards or Feeling boards as I often refer to them have become immensely popular and can be used in many different ways. The most traditional practice is a Vision Board used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction principle. It is a very powerful tool when the Authentic You pours out. The reason I refer to them as Feeling Boards is because whatever your intention for the board is you need to feel it.

Each week I will guided you through a Meditation/Visualisation and invite you to spend time reflecting on and creating your Authentic You Feelings Board. You can choose to do this in any way you like. Digitally using Canva or like or “old School” with magazines and glue and scissors. Explore your creative side whilst honouring and acknowledging your feelings.

The aim of the Authentic You Vision Board activity is to really tap into the truth and honesty within you in regards to your feelings and desires. Feelings are what I believe to be the core communication between us and the Universe. Think about it. The Universe, God, The Divine Spirit whatever name you give to ‘it’, has no language; we as humans made language up to be able to communicate with each other. With words we can still lie to others and to ourselves, but feelings and emotions when you get to the core of them, and your truth, are what help to steer our lives in a positive or negative direction. Feelings and emotions, once you get to the core of them, are what hold us back from achieving our dreams and transforming our lives; what is fear and doubt if they are not emotions? This is not to say you can eradicate fear and doubt but YOU can start to see them for the illusion they are. They will always be there lurking in the background but that’s exactly where we need them to be in the background and not taking over our lives and therefore our decisions.

I always say to my students if you are not ‘feeling it’ at the time of doing a vision board, then don’t! It is that simple, do not force something onto the pages because that will get you nowhere positive. Even if what you need to acknowledge is sad or hurtful, acknowledge that to be your TRUTH in that given moment. Truth, however it may come, is the best medicine you could possibly give yourself and your body. Once we start to flow from a place of Truth that can only come from within, then the peace of life can fully begin.

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