Ayurvedic Spring – 2 Day Workshop

22 May - 23 May
8:30 AM - 11:00 AM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

Ayurvedic Spring ~


9.30 – 12 am (CET) Saturday 22 May & 10.30 am – 1pm  (CET) Sunday 23 May

Join Sundari Ma of Soma Yoga Freiburg and Amrita Ma Devi of Flowing Wakefulness Ayurveda for an enlivening two-days Ayurvedic insightful cooking, eating, herbs, ritual, and routines.

The hours together will be hands-on and practical with discussion in this interactive group workshop designed to teach you Ayurvedic concepts, herbal formulas, alongside nourishing, everyday vegetarian recipes.

This live online Spring Workshop will guide you in the ways spring has an effect on the body according to Ayurveda.

What that means for your body and mind, and how to cook and feed yourself to stay balanced and aligned with nature’s seasonal changes.

Spring is the season when Kapha & pitta dosha goes up and down and Agni needs help with this transition. This is when we need to lighten up our diet a bit and incorporate foods to help keep the body cool.

At the end of each class, we’ll have a full meal to sit down and enjoy together. We’ll be sharing with you the most practical techniques, to cook with ease all from your home. 

Then you get to eat together taste and experience these nourishing recipes and build your confidence in Ayurvedic cooking.

  • Live classes are 3 hours long with time for Q&A at the end as we share our meal together.
  • 21 day Spring meal plan so you can continue to cook in bliss and eat in bliss.
  • Our support tribe online in our private Facebook group.
  • Quiz to track or discover your dosha
  • A springtime self-care rituals guidebook, Daily routines sheets to get you organized and ready for integrating these practices into your life.
  • Lesson guide, cooking workbook with seasonal recipes that are tasty and balancing
  • A Livestream cooking class with Amrita recording available after the class

You’ll have two additional months to access your class recording and download course materials if you can’t join the group live.


Sundari Ma is a yogini, yoga and meditation teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, and lover of life. She has been introduced to the rich world of plants and wisdom of herbs by her mother, which inspired her to learn about their healing properties, and to create her own herbal medicine. Studies with Dr. David Frawley and at the Ayurvedic Hospital Shree Shankara in Kerala, India, further deepened her knowledge of Ayurveda as a way of tuning in to the transformative and restoring powers of Mother Nature to maintain one’s health and balance.


As a disciple of spiritual teacher Igor Kufayev since 2015, she has been initiated into the path of neurophysiological transformation, accompanied by direct insights into the role conscious nutrition plays in supporting the process of Kundalini awakening. Sundari Ma serves as a Flowing Wakefulness facilitator and introduces people to the work of Igor Kufayev. She offers Igor’s transformative teachings in her Mother’s tongue in German language and provides support to those drawn to this spiritual path through Flowing Wakefulness online courses, meditation gatherings, and one-on-one sessions.


She shares her many years of experience in the healing art of Ayurveda, as well as her joy of cooking and nourishing others through delicious meals, bringing beauty, inspiration, and ease into daily life.



Ayurvedic yoga therapist Amrita Ma Devi is an avid meditator with many years of experience as the founder of Flowing Wakefulness Ayurveda and a certified plant-based chef. She is the wife of a tantric master and a mother to three beautiful children. She has been studying Ayurveda and yoga for over a decade with an emphasis on understanding imbalances in diet and lifestyle. Through 1-2-1 coaching and group programs online, she inspires others to follow the path to wellbeing, herbs, yoga, and psychological harmony through greater self-care. She makes Ayurveda accessible to each person as they set out to face a unique set of challenges on the journey to wholeness.  

You can read more on the Flowing Wakefulness Ayurveda website https://flowingwakefulnessayurveda.com/about/.


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