Boabom Beginner – Afternoon

08 Feb - 08 Feb
5:15 PM - 6:15 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

Boabom is the art of Inner self-defence. It develops self-control & confidence, balance, speed & cardio, fast reactions & precise reflexes, flexibility, spontaneity, focus & concentration, and cultivate internal physical and psychic energy.

Everything is taught in a progressive way as a chain where each movement is linked to the previous, forming infinite techniques.

Boabom is very Dynamic and fast but distinguished strongly from what is known as martial arts, as its a non-contact art, Because of this, Boabom is also known as: “The Art of Non-Defense”.

There is no aggression, nor competition, its a very respectful for the body and the mind. Teaching us to be positive, strong and humble at the same time. In this class, we will learn basic techniques and with time develop to more advanced one.

We will learn how to synchronise movements with breathing and feel this unique heat and energy. Open to anyone of any age.

Taught in a very progressive way, without previous background.

Perfect for anyone seeking rapid energy, dynamic, aerobic, develop coordination and increase self-confidence.

1 Hour class.

  • The class will take place only if more than 1 person books it.  If you book the class, and it’s not happening you will either get a refund Or you can simply join the next class ( I will provide you with the link).
  • If you still want to do a class anyway there is a PRIVATE class option, please contact me for details and private schedule. 
  • It’s advisable to practice twice a week.
  • If you book 2 or more classes at once, on the checkout, use a coupon code CYYUPWTW to get a 20% discount

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