Chakra Dancing

28 Sep - 28 Sep
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE


Chakra Dancing is a beautiful workout for mind, body and soul. We all vibrate at any different frequencies which can be linked to specific areas of the body.

Grounding energy and releasing stress and emotion through movement and music to free up your natural energy flow and enhance your life by harmonising your inner and outer selves to rediscover a natural balance and vitality. Stimulating the natural flow of energy, or chi, through the chakras, the dance leads to physical and mental well-being, a workout from inside out.

Chakra Dancing really allows you the time and space to tune into your body.  With no set routine to follow this is your chance to really listen to your body’s needs.  One week that may be moving and dancing with more energy and another week your body may simply wish to stretch gently to the music.  This is a journey of tuning into the chakra and your body.

We will start each session with a grounding Chakra Meditation before your are guided through the 7 Chakras.

Each week experience different Chakra music. I encourage you to also have a pen and journal at the side in case there are any messages or insights that you would like to note.

BUT I CAN’T DANCE I hear you say! Chakra Dancing is free flow movement so even if you have limited movement you can join in and allow your body to move in anyway that feels right to you.

Together we will take a journey through the Chakras from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra.

Please wear loose fitting clothes, trainers or bare feet. Also feel free to have a blanket or yoga mat, a pen and notebook.

PLEASE NOTE: Booking closes 15 minutes prior to each session.


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