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Kundalini Singing Workshop


“Turn on, tune in, drop out”  (by Timothy Leary in 1966.)


with Dr. Aurélia Berényi


This is an intense Chakra Practice to wake up your ancient shamanic Singing skills, to wake up the deepest and strongest power inside of you, called also Kundalini. The Shamanic-yogic chakra sound awakening is build up from Focus meditation, soul journey into the chakras, chakra opening with block release and powerful voice exercise based on ancient mantras, kundalini awakening, chakra tuning, the possible awakening of the totemanimals of each chakra, a really deep vocal somato-psychotherapistic experience, super recreation of the deepest core…

This process is a very intense opening, tuning and awakening of the sacred power centers and their inner totems. The aim and benefit of this work is to clear, release amd open the most important biggest gates in our body, so in our life, to invocate the most intensive personal Chi energy ever yet, to turn on, and set a free way for the Kundalini, to sing it’s divine song through your uniq being and voices. We will tune in with that the core power of our best skills, states, and to drop out our unnecessary blocks, to start our life, as we imagine in our best dreams…  based on our own incredible, hidden yet inner power. With the blessing of the Sacred.

If you are a singer, if your can not sing, in both cases, this is an great opportunity to improve and develop your voice. To start to sing from core, to start to sing as you never imagined. Your voice, especially your singing voice is the sign if your lifepower, the sign of the presence of your core energy in your body, the sign of the relationship of your spirit and body. This is the Spirit singing “camp”, where we always step through our limits, which arre always based on beliefs and blocks.


This retreat is for people who want the following:

  • To improve your attitude towards life.
  • To connect to the wisdom of nature and ancient singing.
  • To be stronger (mentally and emotionally) than you already are.
  • To develop your voice in incredibly in order to express your power.
  • To improve your life by balancing your chakras (the seven centres of the physical body).
  • To develop reliable inner guidance by improving your ability to meditate and to connect to your chakra totem animals, the power keepers.
  • To live with better awareness of your power, skills and intuition.


Please take comfortable cloths in white or pastel light colors, but no res or back; at least on the day of the workshop please consume vegan food, made by you. Use a candle initiated especially for this process. Put your crystals around you, it is also great to have fresh flowers, and of course clear water. Please if it is possible, avoid makeup and strong perfumes. We practice purity and natural power invocation. This are suggestions, it is up to you and your attitude, how much effort you want or can put in to the work. These are not obligations, but strong recommendations to support the best result in this work. This advices help you to increase the level of your energies. Thank you.

I case you are in a big crisis, you can come cheaper or for free. Let’s talk about that and reach out! Thank you for the trust.

Promotion prices:

  • Book any 2 dates at the same time for £69 – use the coupon code H5H6ANA3 on checkout to get a discount.
  • Book any 4 dates at the same time for £119 – use the coupon code Z6PJBYMA on checkout to get a discount.
  • FREE participation is possible if you are in crisis. Please email me directly to get a discount code – draureliaberenyi@gmail.com


DR: AURÉLIA BERÉNYI  “White Hummingbird” –

spiritual healer, mentor, psychologist, sound therapist, photo-therapist, mixed-media and textile artist, art therapist, composer (shaman drum, piano, j.harp), songwriter, writer, art director, social media manager, researcher, foundress of White Cave Spiritual Way and community on behalf of the White Yotengrit Divine Reality.

“I am a soul- and culture-midwife. Everlasting daughter, mother, sister, fiancé, wife, slut and priestess of Tengri God. A psychonaut and Dimension DJ. Polyhistor hippy, innovator. Lot of words, but all are the same. Nothing. And everything. I am a woman survived a lot of incredible pain, as many others, lot of illnesses, as many others, a woman, who has connected her inner aspects and ancient power, and started to play with them. And to grow. To interact, to live, to realize, to get to know them and the deep levels of personality, of the Sacred, of the various realities. What is the reality? For me sound is a main reality of the Divine. Everything is just frequency. Music is the key. Music is God. God is the key. How to live as a God or Godess in the human body? Begins with your attention. With attention on your body, on your chakras, on your energy centers. With the sensation of your movements, and your living energy body. Connected to all the fields of your life. Clean your chakras. Open your chakras. Awake the ancient power of your chakras! That is my mission, to learn them, and to teach, what I already know. I was learning piano since I was 6. Since 2010 I started to write my own piano music. From 2014 I began to work with shaman drum, later with jaw harp. Music is God’s finest healing power!


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