Coming home with Vasu

15 Sep - 15 Sep
6:00 AM - 6:45 AM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

Coming home – an introduction to meditation

About the class:

In meditation we face what is going on inside. We become aware of the inner dialogue and story making that determine how we perceive the world around us, how we feel about our life, our self and what is going on. Meditation is an opportunity to get to know our self more intimately.

Furthermore, meditation is a way to cultivate awareness, also called mindfulness. Instead of our attention following every attractive object appearing before our senses, we cultivate the ability to actively direct and focus our attention at will. This makes us able to choose wisely instead of simply functioning reactively.

Ultimately, we find the still point inside, the witness who is closer to us than our own skin. Here we can find peace – even amid turmoil. Here we can find stability and clarity. We come home to our self.

About instructor:

Vasudev grew up in Oslo, Norway where he started meditating at age 17. The following year he met his guru Swami Shyam. After finishing high school, he left for India to live with his guru in the Himalayas. Returning from India, he studied philosophy, religion, linguistics and pedagogics at the University of Oslo. Currently, he is working as a musician, coach and meditation teacher.

Find more about Vasu and see more of his classes here https://foogin.com/event-organizer/vasudev-baba/


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