East meets West

24 Dec - 24 Dec
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Class title: East meets West for a heartfull unification

Instructor name: Kristine Marie Rost titel Founder of Yinpower.dk and Yin yoga Specialist

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Class type: Yoga, Mobility, Wellness

About the instructor:

In Denmark, they call her the Queen of Yin Yoga. And for a good reason! Kristine Marie Rost has done more than 1,000 hours of Yin Yoga and Yin therapy training. She has been working with therapists and doctors educated in Western and Chinese medicine. And she has taught over 5000 Yin Yoga classes and is now training teachers herself as well as assisting her Asian mentor, Victor Chng, at his Yin Yoga teacher trainings in Singapore and Denmark. Kristine is Ms. Yin, and she is here to help the rest of us get our dose of Yin to our Yang, too.

When Yin yoga specialist Kristine Marie Rost teaches under the heading ’It’s ok if your life and Yin yoga practice hurt’. Because Kristine knows that pain can be so many things. This is what she covers during her courses. One thing is to cut your finger on a piece of paper and not feel the pain until you see the blood on the clean crackling paper in your hands, to feeling so much pain in your body that it hurts to move or life hurts so much that you choose to run from it.

There is nothing sweet or cute about Kristine’s teaching of Yin yoga, her everyday life or her life altogether. She goes right to the edge and often beyond it. This is usually when we feel that something has touched us. This is where we begin to reflect. And reflection is important for us to begin changing. It takes a change for us to let go of the pain.

Kristine is known for being no-nonsense. Some even call her a hard woman. The students who have followed her for a long time, consider her relief because she calls a spade a spade. There is room for laughter and tears, also inside. She is down-to-earth and direct. There are principles and ways to be in the positions in order to achieve the wanted effect and for your own safety. This is when you know that you have a yoga teacher in front of you with more than 2,500 hours of yoga teacher education in Hatha, Restorative, Therapeutic and of course Yin yoga which is over 1800 hours.

About the class:

Yin yoga using YinPower.

How is it when Yin meets yoga. India meets China and vice versa. And Kristine, a modern Danish woman of the West meets the old traditions of the East, and she attempts to combine a wish for sharing the healing of Yin yoga with the world around her and survive 2017 outside a convent.

You get a taste of all that when Kristine guides you in a sequence that cultivates and refines one’s self by creating space, excess energy and roominess.

Learn more on how the 5 basic values of Yin yoga from the time of Confucius, as for instance kindness, honesty and integrity, in Kristine’s practice is Yinpower to your yang balance.

And basically, do not differ from the 5 yamas, which for thousands of years have been the guidelines for yogis.

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All the money collected from this class will be given to www.worldwildlife.org


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