Hatha-Vinyasa chakra Oriented Yoga

19 May - 19 May
11:00 AM - 12:15 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

Chakras are energy and consciousness centres located along the spinal column. We will practice postures, pranayamas and mudras which stimulate specific chakras.

Every Week we will have different Chakra focus:

  • 12th-16th May, Muladhara Chakra (First), standing poses and grounding
  • 19th-23rd May, Swadhisthana Chakra (Second), hip opening, forward bends, and fluidity
  • 26th-30th May, no classes!!!!
  • 2nd-6th June, Manipura (Third), strength, core, arms and will power
  • 9th-13th June, Anahata (Forth), heart opening, back bends and shoulder mobility
  • 16th-20th June, Vishudhi (Fifth), neck strength and mobility, Mantras and voice
  • 22nd-27th June, Ajna (Sixth), inversions, concentration and intuition
  • 30th June- 4th July Healthy lower back, side bends and twists

You can still join single sessions and don’t have to join the whole week.
But you can register for a whole week too and ask for the recordings of any session you missed.
Important NOTE: Please register to each session you wish to join one day ahead so we know if we have enough participants!!!

Recommended contribution at £5-15

Blessings of inner peace to all
Aum Shanicharaya Namah
Shir Shemesh


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