Hatha Yoga for stress

17 Jun - 17 Jun
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

What is Yoga and what is stress?  

Fundamentally, stress comes from an experience of disconnectedness and harmfulness of the universe around us.  When we are experiencing stress, it is because we feel disconnected from the world around us and threatened by it in some ways, we lose mental clarity and our bodies, minds and soul are running in all directions. 

Stress affects all our body systems and therefore can affect our capacity to memorise, to concentrate, to digest, to sleep, to move when stress tighten our muscles.

This is where the teachings of Yoga can be of help to balance and control the mechanisms of stress.  Essentially, yoga means union of the body, the mind and the soul.  Through this union, the yogi can see its true self and unite with the truth of the universe.

What will I get from this practice?

This 90 min Hatha Yoga practice for stress is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that will calm your nervous system, your mind and will release most tensions you have in your body.

How is the sessions structured?

The session is structure as such – time is indicative as it depends on the group;

  • Introduction and explanation of the practice (5-10’) : you will be invited, if you want, to share your expectation from the practice as well as the share the way you feel and if you have any injury or disability.  
  • Mantra chanting (10-15’) : mantra are sounds or short phrases that we will be repeating for some time to relax the mind and focus our attention on the practice
  • Warm up (10’) : before any practice of asana, in order to avoid injuries, we will do some warm of up of the main joins of the body.
  • Practice of asana (yoga postures) – this practice is slow, we will keep each position for some time in order to go deep into each position, using the breath and the focus of the mind.  I always demonstrate each asana and then I will guide you to correct your posture if needed (40-45’)
  • Pranayam (breathing exercise) (10-15’) – those breathing exercises will help to balance the vital energy of the body after the asana
  • Closure (5’) : you will be invited to share your experiences of the practice and ask your questions if any.

Everyone is welcome to join and I adapt my practice to the expectations of my students and not the other way around.

How to prepare for the practice?

  • Do not eat at least 2-3 hours before the practice.
  • Do not drink at least 30 min before the practice.
  • Preferably dress with light colored cloths (it’s easier to see you on online and to correct your posture)
  • Make sure your webcam can show all your body on your mat – this is important as I need to see how you perform the different postures in order to correct you if needed and to avoid injuries


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