Traditional Yoga

05 Apr - 05 Apr
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

Through the wisdom of the ancient sages, my mission is to honor the tradition and to inspire walking the path of joy, simplicity, and self-realization. I share the ancient traditional Yoga, which stems from an internal knowledge of the human being.

Join this inner journey where we dive into the subtler aspects of our being, where we connect with our Sun (Sol) within.

Connect with the body in a wise and lasting way with Ásana;

Explore Pránáyáma techniques (Breathwork) and learn how to increase the energy levels and control emotions by having the nervous system as an ally;

Relax and regenerate with Yoganidrá, resulting in a deep sleep later at night;

Practice Dháraná (Continuous Concentration), which leads to (true) Meditation – Dhyána;

Learn how to purify the organism internally with Kriyá, and become a beacon of vitality;

Stimulate the endocrine system with Bandha, which is a key to balance and optimize our body-temple.

Dive into the wisdom of Mudrá, and explore the subtle hand-brain connection;

Explore the power of sound and vibration with Kírtanam and Jápa;

Learn more about Yantra, the ancient language beyond words;

Connect with the tradition, the lineage of Yoga, and even the planet and beyond, with Pújá.

Also, if the words Prána and Chakra resonate with you, this is the place where those concepts are properly explained, explored and integrated.

All Cultures, All paths. The Same Tradition: Remembering who we are.

Om Shánti


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