Anapnoe Yoga

23 Dec - 23 Dec
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

Class title: Anapnoe Yoga®

Instructor name: Irana Ji An Fourouli

Instagram: @iranajianyoga_life

Class type: Yoga and Wellness

About the instructor:

I am Irana Ji An Fourouli, and I am here to guide & help you realize, express & live your full potential.

Being a Senior Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainer, Woman Wellness Specialist & Life Coach, I guide & help women who are seeking conscious change to find clarity, become strong and courageous, through Personal Coaching & Yoga Programs, so they can transform their lives and feel radiant and fulfilled.

Besides, I train people looking for authentic yoga, wanting to become Yoga Teachers. Through these Transformational training programs, they awaken to live consciously and vibrantly and learn to guide others with integrity & compassion as qualified Professional Yoga Instructors Certified by Yoga Alliance International Europe & India.

Anapnoe Yoga® is my living path and 27-year experiential teaching method. I developed  Awareness through the Body as a process of embodiment that facilitates in unlocking your full potential, by teaching you how to transform any obstacle -physical, mental or emotional- that may be blocking your evolution so you can reveal your essence: your authentic, best, pure you & feel in-control, vibrant and balanced.

Anapnoe Yoga® integrates Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, Ayurveda, Organic Movement, Stillness, Bio-Energetic Alignment, Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound, Breath-work, Healing Dance, and Living Practices to Live Yoga as Conscious Evolution.”

Supported charity:

All the money collected from this class will be given to the charity of the instructor’s choice after the event.


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