Gentle distress yoga

23 Dec - 23 Dec
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

Class title: Gentle distress yoga

Instructor name: Jacky Chen

Instagram: @jackyloveyoga

Class type: Yoga

About the instructor:

Hi, my name is Jacky, welcome to my event. I am from Toronto Canada and travel all over the world; it is my pleasure to share my journey and knowledge with you and make Yoga more accessible to you in a safe and calm manner. I am an ordinary rational engineer turned free-spirit nomad vegan yoga practitioner. Yoga came into my life in 2011, I first treated it as part of my weekly exercise regime but it slowly provided me great benefits in every aspect, which leads me to become a yoga teacher in 2017. I am just an average person who is not especially athletic and flexible, nor have any fitness background, I also had moderate injuries across my body from different activities. Yoga helps me to gain greater awareness of my body to navigate through my physical boundaries and gives me greater mental strength against adversities to realize my potential.

Admittedly some of us are drawn to those beautiful photogenic online yoga postures and wanted to replicate, allowed it to become the motivation, moreover the only measurement, of our daily practice; or let our ego thrives by obsessing how many people ‘liked’ our practice, but as one of my influential teachers David Swenson always said, “There is no Yoga posture greater than being able to walk unaided on a daily basis.” In my opinion, Yoga should be accessible for everyone, and its benefits go far beyond the physical level. The couple years before I completed my first Yoga teacher’s training, I did not have a consistent practice as my love ones went through cancer treatments and subsequently lost their battles, I was exhausted, devastated, and questioned life. The weeks that I did not practice, non of these problems were solved, yet I felt instantly better every time after I stepped onto the mat for breathing/meditation/movement, even for a short 5 minutes. The peaceful calming mind carries onto my life journey and helps me through different life events.

As I travelled around the world to discover my own path, The Yamas and Niyamas all came together, but it is a study of a lifetime to learn and acknowledge the great Sutras. I invite you to walk this path together with me and learn from each other. Let us learn to love, respect, and honour our bodies, YOGA IS FOR EVERY BODY!


About the class:

Expect to move, breath and relax.

This class will benefit those who are looking for a gentle, grounding, relaxation practice. We will focus on opening the body areas that support our daily activities, it is suitable for all levels, especially those who are working long hours in a standing or sitting postures. Together we will return to the center by touching upon basic yoga asanas (postures), breathwork, and meditation principles. The focus will be on alignment, awareness, strength/flexibility, and stress release. Everyone is welcome, whether you are exploring yoga or experienced practitioners who want to refresh your practice, let us honour our bodies and have a fun practice.

Supported charity:

All the money collected from this class will be given to www.commonhope.org, which work endlessly to help local families in Guatemala to improve their living, education and health care in many ways. I was touched by their efforts during my visit In Guatemala.


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