Breathing Break

12 Apr - 12 Apr
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

We all get stressed on the daily basis. Imagine a bucket of water. The “water” (stress) is added constantly to the “bucket” and it’s only a matter of time before it overflows.

We all have limits but they are not set in stone and can be expanded with work or experiences thanks to the brain plasticity.

The body of every person reacts to stress differently. Some feel the headaches after each meeting with the boss, some can go for years dealing with all sorts of things and one day simply collapse due to burnout.

I can talk for days on this, but we are here to practice the mechanism to manage it, or even better, prevent it.

There are many ways how you can manage stress – fitness, running, sleeping, work/life balance, laughing, experiences that give you pleasure (for example, eating chocolate), etc. But this class will be a meditation/ mindfulness/ breathing exercise.

It’s simple. It’s effective. You can practice it anywhere, any time. End of the busy week, before the important interview, after any stressful experience, or simply daily.

It helps with anxiety, stress relief, mood improvement, better concentration, calmness, reduction of panic attacks and many other things.

All you need is a timer with 15 mins and a place where you can sit down comfortably, and so one would disturb you.

This method was practised by me for many years, and I would say it is MAGIC, but it is simply science.

I guarantee you would feel better after just a single practice.

Will see you each Wednesday at 1pm UK time.

Class structure:

  • 5-7 mins – hello and instructions
  • 20 mins – meditation/ breathwork practice
  • 5-7 mins – questions time

Namaste, Vasily

Founder/ CEO of Foogin

DISCLAIMER: I’m not qualified wellness professional. All the information or knowledge I have is based on the years of my personal research, practice, and therapy work. You are attending this class at your own risk, and I take no responsibility for your health as a result of this practice. If you are concerned, please get advice from your medical consultant before booking the class. 

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