Mind Body Soul – Active Meditations with Sue

18 Sep - 18 Sep
7:45 AM - 8:30 AM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

About the class:

These meditations have been uniquely created, to allow you to fully connect, acknowledge and honour your Mind Body and Soul. 

Checking in with our mind body and soul is vital in allowing ourselves the time to process thoughts and feelings throughout our entire physical and energetical body. 

Immerse yourself in this 30-minute active meditation which is split into 3 parts blended together. (Not always in this order) 

  • Mind – Let go of your thoughts for the day (Have a journal & pen) 
  • Body – Shake off all tension and release (Move to the music)
  • Soul – Be at one with who you are (Relax in stillness) 

About the instructor:

Sue’s Approach – “The very core of my being, my passion, vocation and expertise is to guide you to forgive yourself and past hurts, accept and trust yourself and by doing so helping you to learn to discover your Authentic Smile. Enabling you to find the courage to take control of your life, confront your emotions and befriend them.”

Sue uses various modalities which she had trained and studied -HYL techniques – Meditation – Visualisation – Journaling – Chakra Dancing – Vision Boards – and more.

Each class and meditation is tailored to take you on a journey within.

Give yourself permission to express, honour and acknowledge your emotions and ignite your authentic smile.

By igniting and connecting with your Authentic Smile you will be able to:

  • Accept yourself just as you are
  • Understand that you are deserving and enough
  • Trust your instincts and know how they talk to you
  • Have faith in your inner wisdom
  • Embrace forgiveness and release old resentments
  • Notice your inner critic
  • Think for yourself and not look outside yourself for validation
  • Increase your clarity and focus for life
  • Choose beliefs that serve your highest good

Find more about Sue and see more of her classes here https://foogin.com/event-organizer/sue-allsworth/


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