12 May - 12 May
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE


Yin Yoga is a meditative yoga that works on connective tissues.

Strong emotions can arise during the Yin Yoga practice process because Yin Yoga stimulates acupuncture points while bringing balance to all internal organs and the emotions they represent.

Yin Yoga helps us resolve issues / emotions that are trapped in our tissues. Yin yoga nourishes interoceptive practices and helps the person to follow the signals coming from the nervous system more easily, and the person feeds his own nervous system balance.

According to Chinese Medicine, Yin is the water element in our body, Yang is the element of fire and a balance between the two elements must be achieved in our body for a healthy life. Yang is associated with movement Yin is concerned with stationary poses.

The poses are mostly done on the ground, usually 3-5 minutes are left in the poses and the goal is more focused on our connective tissues. While working on the connective tissues, the muscles also gain permanent flexibility, and the comfort that occurs when the body relaxes is felt in the mind.

In this special course, personalized practices will be carried out on target internal organs and target connective tissue regions on different meridians in our body.

It is aimed to create a space for emotional relaxation, physical flexibility and increase in quality of life. In these practices, work is carried out on Paul Grilley teachings.


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