NaKeD. Yoga (Wednesdays)

06 Apr - 06 Apr
12:00 AM - 1:00 AM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

NaKeD.( Nude Yoga!)

No Klothes, Just sKin NaKeD. Yoga offers a safe and judgement free space for bodies to BE Free.

Take your yoga practice to the next level by connecting more intimately with your body and skin. NaKeD. invites you to practice deep self acceptance, compassion, appreciation and even confidence in this body that is your home.

By connecting more deeply with ourselves we open ourselves to connect more deeply with others through radical self love and acceptance. 

Please come klothed. We will embark with a disrobing meditation together at the beginning of our practice. After class we welcome you to join an optional brief dialogue/reflection period to integrate our experiences. Classes are limited in capacity as a way to maintain a safe and intimate container. 

Wednesdays – 4pm PST, $37 (USD)



(Klothing Options Yoga)

Tops AND Bottoms required

KOY Yoga offers klothing options that allow skin to be revealed. On the journey to self love we explore body positivity, self acceptance, freedom within our own skin and connection with self through movement and breath. KOY is for you if you are curious about your body and want to begin loving yourself in a safe space by letting a little show.

Suggested Klothing Options: Nude/Skin Color – Bodysuit/Underwear/Thong/Briefs/Shorts/Shirt/Bra


(Barely Naked Yoga)

Tops OR Bottoms required

BARE Yoga invites us to be ‘Barely Naked’, meaning tops OR bottoms are welcome. BARE offers an opportunity to explore your edges without actually being fully naked. BARE is for you if you are comfortable with some parts but are still working to love others and are looking for a safe space to let a little go.

Suggested Klothing Options: Nude/Skin Color – Fishnets/Underwear/Thong/Briefs/Shorts/Shirt/Bra/Pasties

 **Please Note: These classes are only offered by request for private 1-1 and small groups. If interested, please email nomadikbynaturetribe@gmail.com**

**KOY. BARE. & NaKeD. welcome all ages (18 ), genders, shapes, sizes and colors. All are welcome to come celebrate their bodies and tap into the Freedom within.**

**Must Register Online**

**Limited Spaces Available**

**All Online Classes are Non-Sexual Safe Spaces**

**We’ve updated our Class Participation Waiver. By purchasing a registration, you are agreeing to and acknowledging the terms and conditions here:


All Participants are Required to….Copy & Paste the above link into a new browser and fill out the ONE TIME Class Participation Waiver. Thank You!


KOY. – klothing on top and bottom is mandatory.

BARE. – klothing on top OR bottoms is mandatory.

NaKeD. – Nudity is mandatory.

Those who identify as Women or Trans are welcome to wear bottoms at any time. For transgender participants: please make use of anything you require to affirm and support your gender, as we’ll defer to whatever ‘Naked’ means to you.

Sessions are hosted online and require each participant to have their camera ON, be in view at all times, and to participate with the rest of the students.

Unfortunately, if these conditions cannot be met, even for technical reasons, you will be removed from the session, no refund.

No unsolicited comments made (Positive or otherwise) towards fellow participants. We want everyone to feel comfortable. It’s okay to private message people you have met in person.

No asking people on a date or looking for a hookup. Any misconduct will result in being removed from class and from any future bookings, no refund will be given.

Identity: Please do not presume the gender/sexual identity of those in the class, and be respectful. We want to be inclusive of all bodies, genders, and sexualities. Make a habit of asking for people’s preferred pronouns.

Erections are natural and not all are sexually inspired. If you get an erection during class feel free to drop into child’s pose if you feel like you need a moment before rejoining the flow.

Cell phones are strictly prohibited from our events while clothes are off.

Absolutely NO audio, video or photo recordings of online (or otherwise) classes, whatsoever.

Anonymity: If you meet someone at a KOY. BARE. or NaKeD. Class and happen to interact with them in public, please be discreet about where you met.

Confidentiality: What’s shared in class, stays in class. This is a Safe Space.

No late entry after 5 minutes.

Cancelation Policy – No Refund.


Props are recommended to help deepen your practice.

Blanket or Towel to support sensitive knees and keep warm during Savasana.

Water nearby for hydration


Ideally find a clean, quiet space with enough room to lay down and stand with arms fully extended in all directions.

Set your space – you may want to light candles, incense or burn sage to set the mood.

Come with an open heart and open mind.


1) Please create your free Zoom account here…https://zoom.us/

2) You will receive your Zoom link upon registration. Check your “SPAM” folder for an email from Foogin in case it doesn’t make it to you INBOX.

3) Click the link provided and input password (if required).

4) The Zoom meeting room will be open about 5 minutes before the session begins. Use this time to settle into your space and troubleshoot any tech issues.

5) MUTE yourself upon entering the room.

For Questions, Private 1-1, Small Groups, or Multi-Class Pack options, please email nomadikbynaturetribe@gmail.com.


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