Reiki Meditation

18 Mar - 18 Mar
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE
Reiki Meditation with Rhonda

Feeling tired?


Experiencing life or physical challenges?

Or do you want to enhance your overall well being?

Join trained Reiki Master Therapist, Rhonda Spaziani, in weekly, healing Self Love Saturday Reiki Meditation sessions to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy, foster well-being, and strengthen the body’s natural healing abilities.

Reiki is an amazing modality!

Reiki is the Japanese name for “Universal Life Force Energy,” which is the life-giving energy present in everyone. The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” meaning life energy. Following the Hermetic Law of Similarity, we are all energy-matter – a part of a larger whole – and we are all connected. Invoking this law during a distance Reiki session allows us to link up to the collective energy field to realize our best selves.

During our weekly Reiki healing sessions, the focus will be on moving any stagnant energy and improving the flow of life force energy. Distance Reiki is a powerful technique that moves beyond the constraints of space and time. Using thoughts, intentions, symbols, and crystals to shift positive energy into attendees’ spiritual, emotional, mental, and even physical beings will be the focus of our weekly Reiki Meditations.

Take this time for self-love, because you are the center of your universe.  There is no “ish” in self-love!

Reiki is not an alternative treatment for medical issues but a complementary therapy that may help support healing and increase a feeling of well-being.

No Reiki experience is necessary.


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