7 day chakra meditation and mantra singing

10 Jan - 10 Jan
7:10 PM - 9:00 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

Welcome, dear Soul traveller!

Join our 7 day multichannel meditation and chakra practice.

On each day we are going to connect one chakra, with two deep focus meditation, led in deep meditative state, step by step, inside in the deepest core, to reach out the gate, and its amazing complex mystical world behind that.. If we are ready, we will also meet the totem animal kings each of our personal  chakra world. Which is an endlessly valuable gift on this self discovering way.

The firs deep dive will be a discovering of our current state as we are. Afterwards we are going to sing specific chakra mantras, to release blockages on all the levels, physical, emotional, energetical in the current day chakra. Several retreats can tell endless stories how amazingly strong and effective work is this sound work. We open the free way for the voice of the Kundalini and life power.

And when we break through we go again for a deep meditative diving in to each chakra of the day with the new power and to enter the much more free open gate. So it is a double meditation combined with sound healing and tuning every day with each chakra.

  • Monday is the Root Chakra day, the most important in the opening as it is the first and usually the most blocked.
  • On Tuesday we work with the second chakra, the Sexual and Sacred Chakra.
  • Wednesday is the day of the Solar Plexus.
  • Thursday is the day of the Heart Chakra.
  • Friday we open and meet the Throatchakra.
  • Saturday we are going to tune in into the Third Eye Chakra and Sunday is the magic alchemy of he Crown chakra.

It is possible to join one or more days. Warmly recommended to accomplish at least once the seven chakras, the whole set. And than later to join specifically as and if needed.

  • One day is 22 Eur
  • Seven days 133 Eur (book any 7 classes at once and use a discount code WBUECIDC on checkout to get 15% discount) 

Aurélia Zulejkha Berényi-Greba Dr.

  • “White Hummingbird” Mc.HunAya
  • Multinational and multi-professional transpersonal holistic yogini, psychologist, shamanic initiator, animal assisted therapist, masseur from TansCarparpathia, Western Eurasia.
  • YoTenrit channelling medium and ceremony leader since 7 years. Multichannel, mixed-media and recycling artist. Composer and shaman singer.

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