31 Mar - 31 Mar
1:00 PM - 2:40 PM (your local time)
Online - LIVE

The class will be dedicated to the practice of standing balances, with a prior preparation focused on rooting and contact points with the ground, experiences of weight change, etc., to slowly reach a state of concentration, focus, strength and balance necessary for this type of asanas.

Balance postures help us to transfer this state to our lives off the mat and to have a more balanced attitude and state in our day to day life.

There will also be a time dedicated to postures on the floor complementary to balances and relaxation.

One general purpose of those classes is education, not on the superficial level of mimicking form, but on a profoundly deep level of understanding the full use of the body as an integral whole to maximize the full function of each individual’s unique movement potential.

All levels, bodies and experiences are welcome, as we do not seek the perfection of form in asanas but work and personal evolution, each at their own pace and respecting the moment, needs and knowledge of their own body.

My passion for yoga emerged many years ago during my studies and was reinforced as a complement to my dance practice. Over time it became very important due to having found in its sustenance and an enormous the help that would accompany me in my healing process after an injury caused by dance and a difficult personal and emotional moment.

With Yoga I have experienced moments of great happiness, relaxation and hope, without forgetting that there is also an element of commitment and effort since progress requires work.

It is true that with Yoga we find these immediate results, but continuity in practice is the key, it is what makes these results more and more profound and extend to all dimensions of life.

That is why my relationship with yoga is one of great respect, trust and love, and I believe this position makes the motivation to want to share it and teach it very powerful and valuable.

Because the classes are online, you will have to find yourself in your silence and I will be there to guide you from start to end.

It will be up to you to create the environment you want. You can choose to work in silence or with the music of your choice. If you choose to do it with music, it is always advisable to work with calm sounds that relax you.

As with a warm, dim light if you do it at home. And you can also use relaxing aromas, but preferably without smoke as we will work with deep breaths. That is why it is more advisable to use water diffusers and not incense.

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